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All songs written by Alan Ibell.

Songs prior to 2017 arranged and recorded by The Alan Ibell Band. 

The Alan Ibell Band are: 
Alan Ibell: Vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion 
Jeremy Clark: Keys, backing vocals, guitar 
Logan Valentine: Guitars, backing vocals 
Stu Harwood: Drums 

Guest Musicians : 
Anji Sami: Backing Vocals on "The Room" and "Shaker house" 
Matthew Jordan: Violins on "My Lenore", "Sad Orchestra", and "The Needle and the Poison" 
Alex Barker: Cello on "My Lenore" 


All songs recorded in 2008 over several months in Alan's bedroom, except for "Zoo Song" and "Girl Of My Dreams" which were recorded in 2007 at Albany Street Studios by Stu Harwood.

If Bird Or Devil Mixed by D J Champion + Mastered by Dale Cotton.

Album art by Alan Ibell.

© All rights reserved.

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